I have quit dating for about 6 years, because in love with a girl that rejected me. How to get her back?

I fell in love with a girl, but she rejected me. Since then I have never date a girl, because I still love her. It has been 6 years now and she lives in the other part of the world. I do not know what to do.


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  • If she rejected you there's no way to get her back. Move on with your life

    • Thanks for the answer. But is it not better to be alone, that with someone that you do not love?

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  • You didn't "fell in love" it was more like an infatuation, "fell in lust" is more accurate. The real truth and it is harsh as most don't want to know it and refuse to accept the "Truth" about "Love" or "Lust", etc.,.

    "Love", or even "Lust" and "desire" for another person you are attracted to are all entirely delusions and illusions generated by the hormones and chemicals in your body and brains. It only happens to serve one primary purpose, create the desire so you'd reproduce just like any and all other life forms on this planet that require sexual reproduction just so their species won't simply and completely die out.

    All in all all that "love" is all but lies, as everything eventually fades, the pretty looks, voice, etc., like a really pretty flower that eventually become all wrinkled up and then dies. Hence, it's only illusions. Everything is all but emptiness.

    If she's already moved onto another part of the world, then you simply can NEVER get her back and that is the reality. No point of you blindly chasing after someone that had never wanted to be with you or even give you a single fucking chance, so c'mon! Get a grip of yourself, pick yourself up and keep going forward. Because life is filled with possibilities and adventures, you don't have to have someone else or need anybody else to make you feel happy, as happiness all comes from within yourself.

    • I do not know. We hangout for a year. Then I have read that lust doesn't last long

    • Exactly! Over time it will all fade as people and things can and will change. At this point either move forward and try and date someone else or just learn to cope and accept that you can be on yourbown and still have fun and not need another person to fill that void and/or emptiness.

    • Thanks for MHO!


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  • What's the point in holding onto a girl who let you go. Life is too precious to put it on hold for someone who hurt you. You've probably missed out on lots of opportunities to meet the right girl, because you are still holding onto the wrong one

    • Thanks for answering.
      Maybe. But it is also unfair for the girl I will hang out with since I will still in love with the girl I hang out with years ago. Would you like to be with a guy that love another girl, and it is with you just to move on?

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  • Let her go, completely. You have to accept that rejection, so you are able to let yourself find a girl that does want you.

    • I thought I need to find a girl that I want

  • by grieving while going through 5 stages. you have to break contact with him and grieve for 6 months and once you reach level 5 you will be so happy again and never think off him again. with time you will heal so for now you will cry and be depressed but you will get over it. delete him so you can heal faster from the grieving process.

    you are going through stage 1 the denial process which is normal so give it time and trust me you will feel better

  • 6 years man move the fuck on