My Boyfriend's Stupid Reactions?

Hey people, it already passed like few days on it but I feel humiliated cause what he said during having sexual relationship :( I dont know if its true for me to feel like that, but it just hurts me.

I am from Greece and my boyfriend is Turkish, I love him a lot ! But we sometimes have fights cause of politic reasons between Greece - Turkey and sometimes cause of jeolusy, he doesn't want me to wear too short ''skirts'' thats because he doesn't want other guys to stare at me lol and it makes me mad, but I can't say anything to him he is too aggressive. He doesn't want me to meet with my other guy friends, he punched one of them before :( Whats wrong with this guy?

I met him on my vacation to Instanbul, he was very kind and gentlman, we both liked eachother and he came to Greece for his university. It been like 1.5 years now he is acting like a jerk !
We are spending our summer holiday together at Santorini Island, we were having sex like few days ago, then he said ''Looks like Turkey f... s Greece now'' his comment made me shock and I couldn't say anything to him cause of his rudeness, I feel so sad and hurt right now :( I dont want my relationship to be ruined I still love him, is there any way I can change him? Or what can I say to him about rude comment he did? I am waiting your opinions please, and I dont want that to be repeated thank you.


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  • He punched one of your guy friends? You know that bit where he was kind and a gentleman? It was an act. His true colours came out when he was put in situations that were a true test of his character. He's disrespectful. He's a dick. He's controlling. He's jealous. He's abusive. He's violent. He's bigoted. He's puerile. He's patriotic and small minded. He's not going to change.

    You think you're going to find that sweet line that will make him change his ways? You have rose spectacled glasses on.

    • I think you are right, yes :/

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    • So why do you need his love and affirmation so much?

    • I dont need, there are already some guys who like me but I am with him like 1.5 year, it still comes hard for me to leave.

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  • @but I can't say anything to him he is too aggressive

    @' his comment made me shock and I couldn't say anything to him

    You are with someone who does not respect you and with whom you dont respect yourself. you are both treating you like you have no voice.

    Why do you allow him to control you and how do you love him if he doesn't respect you?

    and no you can't huge him you can demand respect. if he can't dish it up then leave.

    • Yes I know :( He gives me love and pays me attention, he always tells me that he loves me. He protects me from other guys around and its so hot for me, I can't stand him. He is just little bit too strict you know? :/ Is there any way I can change him?

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    • Yes I know He gives me love and pays me attention, he always tells me that he loves me

      im sorry but this is not love. this is how he keeps you glued to him and he knows it. is manipulation. he acts inappropriately then calls it love, so you associate BAD behavior wit him caring and he gets away with anything. he goes over the top so you can feel like you're reeling him in but you're not. he's controlling everything.

      he's not 'too strict' he's patronizing and controlling you. He is not supposed to be your disciplinarian. You are his partner not his ten year old child. Its not a matter of degree here where if he cools off its ok. He should not be 'strict' at all. You are partners. Make decisions together with respect for each other not by bullying.

    • thats my view but im open to discussing tis more, its your relationship not mine, you're free to speak your mind :-)

      I wouldn't let 1,5 years be the deciding factor though. let it be how he treats you... itd be worse if it turned into ten and THEN you had to leave bc of his behavior.


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  • Well by a matter of fact I'm Greek Cypritot and my families villages were distroyed in famagusta during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, but to keep on track, it seems this guy is a classic Turkish dude who wants his girl to be obedient and acceptant of his policies. Tbh the mix between turkey and Greece just doesn't work. And you have just proved it in that confrontation with ur boyfriend. It won't work for a very long time, because the cultures are just too competitive, and the history will always separate us. When I find an attractive girl and she tells me she's Turkish I instantly know that it's a no go.

    Now, having said this he could be different from a lot of Turkish men cuz at least he treats you nice for being a Greek girl. You need to talk it through with him. How about never brining up politics between Greece and turkey cuz it's a soft topic. If he doesn't like you showing your body and expressing yourself then he's insecure and there is not much trust in the relationship. You need be the boss and tell him what you want to wear otherwise you leave the relationship. Good luck!

  • There is no healthy future to any relationship that does not have respect as one of its main pillars and foundation.

  • Just leave that faggot, he sounds like an asshole to me.


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  • He's rude, possessive, violent and disrespectful... what was it you loved about him exactly?

    • I loved how he looks, he is a good looking guy and he was too kind and gentleman when we met but then he changed a lot :(

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    • He doesn't sound fun to be with at all. Sadly we become attached to people who do us no good.

    • You are absolutelty right :/