Guys, what compliments do you like to get from women?

Guys, when a woman is flirting with you/complimenting you, what do you like to hear?

What are you thinking when a woman calls you:
Good looking?


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  • Sweet won't really do much, for guys you have to do the opposite of what works with girls. Girls get told they are pretty, etc all the time and typically appreciate comments about their personality because of they want to be appreciated for more than that. Guys on the other hand like comments on our appearance, whether we're attractive, etc because we don't get get those compliments all the time. Anyone can say we're sweet, or nice, or smart or anything like that. There's no romantic/sexual tone to it. If I want someone to tell me how nice and respectable I am I can talk to my mom's friends.

    • So which physical compliments as best? I'm always wary with the word hot, since I feel like it send the message: "I want talk to rip off my clothes right now." I'm going from more: "I like you and find you attractive, and I'm let you rip my clothes off when we're in a committed relationship."

      Cute seems like something I would say to my little brother, and handsome seems like it's some the his grandmother would say to him.

      Good looking just seems like a weird way to phrase things.

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    • That won't make a guy feel like he's being "friend zoned?"

    • No, when you tell a person if the opposite sex that you think they're cute, it's fairly unambiguous. Especially if you say it in a flirty or shy tone. He should know what you mean and if he doesn't just ask him out directly.


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  • I like to hear all compliments, even though I already know I'm cute, sweet, handsome or whatever they're saying :-)

  • "Hey nice dick"

  • Hey cutie, good looking, handsome.

  • she says : im thinking:
    Cute? lie
    Hot? the biggest lie
    Sweet? obviously, im naturally nice to everyone, and im shy too.
    Charming? if you think so
    Handsome? another big lie
    Good looking? still another big lie
    and i dont like to just hear it, i want her to show me what she thinks of me, because if i was attractive or hot, id expect her or any other beautiful girl to be with me already instead of me being alone and hurt
    but ether way I've never been called those things listed, but I've been told by a few girls in my life that no one will ever like me, and i just keep feeling hurt.

  • hot more than cute and sweet some of my flatmates use to call me cute and sweet but I don't think they saw me as someone they wanted to date or sleep with they where nice to me but I think they saw me more like a pet puppy.

    Your so strong ,
    O my... your huge combined with a smile :) ,
    Physical contact is also a good sign for me to tell me you like me.

  • I'm like damnnn I'm inside!

  • a super hung, sexy charming MF

  • None of those is satisfactory. I prefer something like this

    Hey sexy Greek God.