Why do people let other people be responsibility for their happiness?

Im just curious. I noticed how someone i dated briefly tends to be upset (towards other people too) when things are bad between us but when we talk it out he just changes his deamnor and I mean towards everybody. Its almost like you hold the key to their happiness. he's mean to me when we're mad at each other but once we let it go (like now) he's nice to me again. . And everybody else for that matter (we go to same events). Im trying to understand just how much of an influence i am on him. Someone even told me how his daughter said she wants him happy already (she said this during time when we werent talking). This kind of sounds obsession but i dont want to be arrogant about it. But id never let someone have an impact on me like that unless i was psycho in love lol has anyone else experienced this regardless which position you were in? Details? Thanks!


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  • Social species etc.


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  • nobody wants to take responsibillity for their own unhappiness, so they blame it on other people.
    and when they aren't happy, they say its bc of someone else.
    its human nature.