Meeting someone, will it happen?

I have yet to find someone who truly likes me, or someone who I deeply fall for. I have always had crushes, and likes, but it was never received on the other side. Even if I did date someone, it never felt, right. I miss being accompanied by someone, and sharing my life with someone, so my question to you, is do you think you will ever meet the right person? Almost like fate or chance, or do you have to go out and create your own love?


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  • yes actually i think so


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  • This day and age it quite common and complex. We get into a relationship for sex and being the other person counterpart. But the other gender never wants to their role. Guys are not chilvarist, girls are not submissive, both play games, and both genders hate to correct each other and build each other up. The relationship is built on selfishness and what can I get. I understand what is going on but I'd rather be single than with a partner who doesn't seem right. Unless for the experience.


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  • If you can be bothered, you should go out.


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