How to talk to her?

So there's a girl I've had a crush on for months. I used to stare at her from afar every time she shopped at my store. I'm really socially awkward and shy so i never spoke to her and she never came to the register, only her friends. Eventually she caught sight of me and and started staring back. Soon she started coming into the store alone and would look around while glancing back at me. Sometimes she would eat lunch alone or with friends (Mostly alone) on the bench outside the store and look back at me a lot. Though she never approached the register. Eventually she did and we started talking about our jobs. However, during our talk i was a nervous wreak. I was sweating, stumbling over my words, accidentally interrupting her, and breathing heavily. So I figured she probably thought i was a loser and would avoid me. But she kept coming back and i kept on being a nervous wreck. One time I almost asked her out by saying i was planning on hitting the movies and she even mention a movie she wanted to see and that she would be off the next few days but i blew it. She stopped showing up for a month and i thought that was the end of that. But she came back and told me her and her family had went to Las Vegas for a vacation. So she started coming back around, although less frequently. Recently she sat down on the bench to have lunch and she did her usual glances at me. But when she got up and started walking away, she stopped and turned her head slightly toward me and left. So I need advice on what to do next time she comes in. What should I say and how can i overcome my nervousness?


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  • What do you mean what should you say? Why do you people expect us to spoon-feed you? If you can't figure out what to say to her, you might as well give up.


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  • With words and preferably English language.