Is this weird or a good sign?

I met a guy online (we are gonna go on a real date soon), we have been talking for the last week. Even before we exchanged numbers he was sending me goodnight/morning texts. I like the attention, but I'm also wary. The last guy I met, I connected very well w/and he was great for a month, after he moved (LDR), everything went down hill and I still feel the sting. Weird or flattering?


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  • Only time will tell. Feel flattered he takes the time to message you. love is all about being vulnerable so it's inevitable to not be hurt when dealing with someone.


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  • Its' neither weird nor it is flattering. I think it's sad what happened with you, and it's a reason for you to think 10 times or to be concerned about this.

    • I guess its good to feel good about something right? In my 1st serious relationship (not the current guy in the LDR) we were texting like crazy before the 1st date. We had only met briefly.

    • Yes, it's good to feel something

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