What does he mean with his actions and saying, "Keep it simple right now and see what happens..."?

I've been talking to my ex again and we flirt a lot. For example we cuddled watching a movie, he grabs my knee, he texts me good morning and to drive safe and let him know when I get home, he picks me up when he hugs me, he grabs my butt, he says I'm beautiful and amazing, and he stares at me quite a bit whenever we hang out. Well, recently we talked about us being that I'm going back to school in a few weeks. I told him that I liked spending time with him again and wanted to continue talking when I went back. He said that I'm his best fiend and person he can talk to about anything but that he doesn't want anything to happen yet, that he wants to be friends for awhile again and see what happens in time. I know he needs to regain trust in me since I broke up with him very early in our relationship before because of personal family reasons, I wasn't able to commit to him. After our talk he became distant and less willing to hang out but we still talked during the day some, said good morning, and hung out at least once a week sometimes twice. Last night I saw him again and he said I was beautiful and said he isn't big on commitment anymore because of past experiences where he's been burned but knows how trustworthy I am. Then he proceeded on to tell me that he likes to take it slow and wants to just keep it simple and slow now because we were in this same position of me leaving to go to school one year ago. After that he kissed me a few times and hugged me and grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck. I guess I'm just confused where his mind is and what to do?


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  • That's what you say when you're either: A) trying to avoid getting sucked into a relationship or B) trying to win trust and look like a good guy.


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  • He's not serious about you.