How can I start flirting with a guy without bugging him much?

How can I hit on a guy without being too annoying?


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  • Do it when he is relaxed. If he is in the middle of something, don't do it. Make sure you introduce yourself a few days before.
    So, when you start, start with a compliment. Say "That's a nice shirt. Where did you get it?". Then start having a normal conversation (probably about shopping if you start with the shirt compliment). Then gradually start making sexual comments. Also, touching yourself around the thighs will turn him on.


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  • b flirty, but not clingy.
    flattering, but not all up in his mix.


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  • just go up and introduce yourself. say hi my name is... what is yours.. with a warming smile. then get some distance for a week and then start giving him some flirting signs. he will know unless he stupid but might not make a move as he may be shy.

    • My friend greeted me to a guy but sadly he's very shy indeed so he didn't talk much.. so I feel like if I texted him or something it'd start bugging him

    • nope you wouldn't at all. take this from a guy who has been in that situation you would effectively break the ice. he will come around you just need to make him comfortable. check my question it might help you understand what his mindset may be like

  • if your flirt is annoying him, it means he doesn't like you

    • LOL I haven't even started flirting him mate

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