She said yes to date but the following day?

I asked a girl on a date via messaging. no response that day. the following day she said "yes sorry! i was shopping." Any idea on why she may have done this ladies? should i be concerned


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  • She was probably thinking it over and over analyzing it. Maybe she was asking her friends. Or she just really didn't want to reject you. In any case it's not good. The best thing for you would be to abort.

    • i dont know why she wouldn't just give the common "Insert excuse of why i can't go out" if she didn't want to go on the date

    • Some girls (like myself) are really bad at rejecting guys

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  • Absolutely. You should be really concerned man. It was merely a pity yes and not done right away. She wasn't busy at all or anything and not to mention it was done in person