Guys, I got hot and heavy with my coworker (no sex) need advice?

So I started a new job a month ago and from the start had a very friendly/flirty but professional realationship with my coworker. We are both single parents and have a lot of fun at work. Last weekend we hung out after work and things got steamy he was totally DTF but I put on the breaks. At the time he was very gentlemanly and said he was cool with waiting. However we have only texted a few times since then and I get the feeling he isn't interested anymore. I'm cool with that, but we have another shift together tomorrow night and I want to know if I should try and clear the air before then or just act like nothing happened when I see him?


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  • NEVER... get involved with a co-worker! Work gossip, talk and if if goes south.. trash talk.


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  • You should ask him if he's interested in you or if it was a one-time thing.