How would you feel if this type of guy asked you out or admitted a crush on you?

A sweet, kind, tall and smart guy. Very mature for his age.

Physical disabilities, including very poor vision and hearing (but not blind or deaf), spinal problems, leg brace for walking stability, and several other medical issues that aren't visible.

I just want to know. I walk amongst people all the time and keep things covered and look like your average guy. Sometimes I want to know how others would feel being asked out by somebody with all these problems who didn't try to hide it at all. Would it deter you? Impress you?


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  • I think the personality matters more in this case and you said you are sweet and kind which are two things that I look for in a guy. :) You sound cute and if you told me you liked me and if you had a nice personality I'd be happy that someone actually likes me and has the courage to tell me and I'd definitely go out with him and see what he's like! And I'd take care of him if he ever needs it :)


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  • Yeah they would.


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  • If I got to know him and we clicked, I'd date him. Sweet and smart is right up my alley. I don't have any issues with the physical disabilities. Once we were an item, I'd need him to let me know what he needs me to do to help him out if he ever needed it.

    • Would you mind giving massages to ease pain? I feel like an old man.

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    • Sweet comment! You made me smile!

    • I think you're absolutely right!

  • Aw you sound cute don't worry.

    • Thanks, but would seeing issues like this incline you to say no?

  • I'd feel flattered

    • Would the apparent issues incline you to say no?

    • It wouldn't

What Guys Said 1

  • Please message me, I have the same dilemma. I'm also physically disabled.