Question about girls behaviour?

So I've got a few numbers girls on my phone. (just 2-4). I haven't met most of them as they were all from online dating, but I have talked to them for quite some time (few months). 1 or 2 of these girls, will sometimes not reply to my initial text, but will initiate it (rarely, but they do). On the other hand, this other girl is always responsive to my texts when I initiate, but won't ever initiate talking to me no matter how long I wait. She will keep the convo going and tease me (as do I), although the texting always ends on her terms (convo seems genuine with her, she seems smart). Which if these kinds of girls is truly interested in meeting me or even remotely interested? Both their actions are confusing? Your thoughts, Girl 1 or 2? NOTE I HAVE NEVER MET THEM YET


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  • Go with the one that is responsive. Perhaps she just is busy and doesn't really think about texting you unless you give her a reason to (common for me). Doesn't mean she's not interested, but does suggest she's got other things on her mind.


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  • most girls will not initiate.

    blame whatever you'd like.. it's just the way it is.