I'm a good looking guy whose shy how can I work on changing it?

I'm a good looking guy whose shy how can I work on changing it?

Most of my life I've been in a shell due to bullying all the way from elementary school through high school. I had a few friends at best. And never wanted to leave the house. I'm 21 now and have a decent sized social circle and have had a some sexual partners. "In my eyes I've come along way." I seem to be comfortable around men, but I still get shy and not sure what to say around strangers or women I just meet. This has been a problem for me going on dates especially. I've always been told I'm a highly attractive male. So I also feel as if my shyness is ruining my chances.. Completely with women.. So any tips on what I can do to help put my confidence "in general" and with the opposite sex because I would like to date more and not be so shy in general. Thanks. (Since people usually ask for pic proof here) I posted a few. "I don't need feedback on the pics either." Thanks for the help guys!


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  • man I know your face!!!

    • Do you?

    • I don't know if either I saw you in person or somewhere around the internet, but I do know your face how weird

    • That's weird asf haha. Well if you see me again so holla

  • I would find some subjects to remember, Just some things girls like to talk about. And some things they might like about you, I was bullied a lot as wel and this helps me :P goodluck!

  • I used to be shy like that to the point people thought I was cold, rude, arrogant, which couldn't be farther from the truth, now I'm quite confident and I have no trouble socialising, but I believe it just got better with the years, even though I did make an effort to be more confident, like I started wearing clothes that made me feel more confident with myself, trying to smile more, talk more, even start conversations, sometimes it was hard but eventually it becomes easy until you stop being hesitant about it, I saw it like if I was in a play, since I love acting, so I'd act as this confident girl I wanted to be, if you start acting as if you're confident, you'll become confident eventually, I hope this helped!

    • Thanks for the advice. I feel I'm playing catchup since I didn't really socialize in high school. But as you said I think time is the factor at this point

    • Yeah in high school I didn't socialise much, like never dated or anything like that, I was the nerdy type, so I was a target for bullies and exclusion, but puverty was kind to me and I was one of those nerds that turns out to be a looker lol so yeah just give it time, it'll get better, plus you have the looks so you're half way there already

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