Friends with benefits?

Okay so I've liked this girl for about 5-7 months. And I've been chasing her and she knows it. During this summer things between us got physical and it was suppose to be a one time thing but we ignited and it kept burning.

now she bout to go back to school and I feel like my feelings became real apparent. I ain't saying I love her, but I do want more than a summer fling. I ask her about it and she told me that I'm not the guy she is looking for and that are age difference poses a problem (I'm 24 and she's 19). I decided it was better to stop things and her answer changed to that she doesn't want a relationship with anyone for a while, but wants to still spend time with me.

She considers this a friends with benefits, but it felt like we dated through this whole summer. We went to the movies, walked around the mall, talked about personal stuff, fought to just make up. Now I don't know what to do with her going away nor can I think of leaving her alone. I'm the second guy she's ever had sex with and I feel like she needs time to explore and talk to other guys. But at the same time I want this to continue...


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  • If you're catching feelings for her I'd suggest you to stop. Odds are that she will not see you in any other way and you will end up getting hurt.


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  • Well it looks like you have more invested into this relationship. In the long run I think you're going to get hurt. If you are OK with it being Just sex. than go ahead with what she wants. If you want more, I'd pull away slowly and she if makes her realize that she has feelings and doesn't want to lose you.