He text me asking "are you off today"?

Do you think that meant he wanted to see me? I was working so told him that and then he didn't text back for a few hours turns out he was drunk? We were texting for a few hours before that but had no idea he was drinking. We've been broken up for a good few months but have kind of been back in contact..


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  • Yeah probs wanted to hang with you.


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  • Yes, I think he wanted to see you.


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  • Lmfao this site.. Overanalyzing shit. Yeah dude he prly wanted to hang out. Why did you just respond with "Yeah did you want to hang out?"

    • Because I fell asleep and woke up so he would have read my reply sober and I was afraid incase he would reject me?

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    • We've been broken up for almost a year. I did meet someone else I went on dates with a few guys and even dated one of them for 5 or 6 months but I just couldn't let my ex go. I'm not being weak. Being weak would be not trying and giving up? This is what I want but I appreciate your take on it

    • I'm telling you that you will get hurt again. Up to you dude. You're fucking up.

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