Girls, Girl who liked me found out I like her back?

Girl who liked me and trued every possible way to break the ice for a year suddenly got a new boyfriend as I kept disappearing for months due to my work commitments as she was un aware if I liked her. I let her know I like her by commenting on her picture and her reaction was staring me in the eye with a huge smile , wide eyes biting and licking her lips , her boyfriend also made her block me. So I'm quite stunned as to what's going on in her mind as she has only blocked me on Facebook and now she won't stop these huge grins. I practically explain via our buisness networking accounts the whole reason why I disappeared and that I did like her and she was on my mind etc and I wouldn't mind getting to know her in the future. I said I don't expect a response but all she keeps doing it smiling hugely. I know for fact that she liked me as there was 100s of signs.


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  • She is surprised

    • I always seem to surprise people I am very un predictable. But now she won't stop smiling. I know that she was interested in me for a year and I never made a move and was always disappearing. I am quite happy that I make her smile as I got a feeling that my disappearing and failure to actually make any moves kind of made her depressed/ frustrated. But as she has a boyfriend now he is aware of this situation and forced her to block me via facebook. I alternatively messaged her via linkedin which she hasn't blocked me but I seemed to notice she uploaded a picture of her smiling the same way. I just said I am sorry for any problems i caused. i did like her but couldnt make a move due to working 100+ hours a week. and that I respect her wishes but hope that in the future we can get to know each other. so given the previous situations and the one she is in now I am un aware to how she reacted to it. All I know is she didn't want to block me and she can't stop staring and smiling