Have you ever dated anyone who's ex was actually pretty or really handsome?

if you did how did that make you feel. I'm just wondering because my boyfriends ex is pretty but according she had a really bad personality and never actually cared.


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  • Yes, but my relationship was for like 4 days. He also was in fact better than me. But that's not hard to accomplish.


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  • My husband has lots of exes, some who I think look like horrible trolls, others are average, and some are really pretty. But I usually don't think of them at all. Why? Because I'm the one who gets to fall asleep next to him each night, I'm the one creating a life and family with him. So maybe when I'm feeling super insecure sure I think "why is he with me when he could have her?" But I always have to remind myself because he chose me because for whatever reasons he wants me. In his eyes I'm better than them - so I'm the winner lol

    • Awe how cute! Lol
      But you are right! Now I feel a lot better, thank you for your answer!

  • It made me feel great that someone who dated a person that attractive is in my caliber. Sometimes physical appearance aren't everything if you ain't got a personality to back it up. Just be true to yourself really.

    • I never thought about it that way! But is so true! Looks are very deceiving

    • Yeah. Most recent guy I dated was hella attractive, so was his ex. They both were into fitness and I fall more onto the voluptuous side and i love food wayyyy too much. So asked him why he was into me, he said because you're so down to earth and when I am around you, you make my day brighter. Sometimes its just all about how you impact a person's life that makes you more attractive to them :D

    • Awe that's so cute! You are so right I've never thought about it that way so thank you for making me open up my eyes! Because the guy I'm dating his ex had a pretty face and super photogenic
      So sometimes It would get to me. But thank you for your response!