Would you rather be a guy or girl, when it comes to dating?

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    17% (2)50% (4)30% (6)Vote
  • girl
    75% (9)25% (2)55% (11)Vote
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What Girls Said 1

  • Girl.

    Guys have it worse, I am woman enough to admit it. They are expected to have the guts to approach us, impress us, ask us out, woo us, pay for things. It's not fair, but that's society for you. Personally, I try to often take the initiative and be the aggressor if i like someone because it's unfair. Plus i have plenty of experience in it with dating women as well.

    • you sound like an awesome person. Yea, its not easy for us guys

What Guys Said 1

  • Dating wise, ESPECIALLY relationship quality wise :-

    - Outgoing guys have it better than outgoing girls.
    - Introverted girls have it better than introverted guys.

    Im happy being a guy tbh