Who would you rather date?

This is a question just for fun!

Let's see which of these persons you would rather date and tell us why. Try to imagines that you had some kind of interest in these persons and choose the category where it feels more natural.

Who of these would you let yourself fall for? Which is the least bad option?

  • Your cousinWho would you rather date?
    0% (0)5% (1)3% (1)Vote
  • Your friends exWho would you rather date?
    24% (4)21% (4)22% (8)Vote
  • Your fathers/mothers friendWho would you rather date?
    6% (1)11% (2)8% (3)Vote
  • Your ex's brother/sisterWho would you rather date?
    6% (1)21% (4)14% (5)Vote
  • Your worst enemys bffWho would you rather date?
    29% (5)16% (3)22% (8)Vote
  • Your teacher Who would you rather date?
    24% (4)26% (5)25% (9)Vote
  • Your look-alikeWho would you rather date?
    11% (2)0% (0)6% (2)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The cousin is off the list.
    The friends ex would be breaking the bro code.
    The parent's friend seems like the safest bet. If they're my age of course.
    The ex's sibling might be the second safest bet but the ex would cause drama.
    The enemy's would also cause drama.
    My teacher would also be a safe bet if she's my age. If not my age, then I'd actually not mind a purely casual relationship. Always wanted to fuck some of my teachers. A shame none of them did what some teachers are doing to their students nowadays.
    Why would I want to date a fugly ass woman who looks like me? xD

    • Hahhaaa 😂 well, with your parents friend I meant someone in their age. But every of these options were supposed to be weird/not that acceptable, so that is why the doppleganger is on the list 😅 I think it would be horrible to date someone that looked like me...

Most Helpful Girl

  • Worst enemy's hot best friend because I live for that kind of YAF drama.


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What Girls Said 5

  • My ex's older brother is hot as hell, but I have morals lmao. If I didn't though I swear

  • parent's friend is definitely the safest one (if they're close to my age lol)
    oh man, there are some teachers I'd gladly date too

  • Worst enemy's BFF, definitely. Never my friend's ex, that's just disturbing...

  • Parent's friend if he is young enough, lol.

  • My friend's ex.