Does it sound like he likes me?

I have a co-worker that I have been flirting with ever since he started. He has called me his favorite person before. Tonight, we were in an area of the restaurant and I was getting something. He then proceeded to rub his back on my shoulder intentionally. I walked away and averted eye contact and laughed. I saw him later and he called me his "hombra" and I said I didn't know what that means. He said it means "homie but like more feminine." We were in the same area of the restaurant we were in earlier with a co-worker. This other co-worker asked me to turn the lights down so he could sleep. I said no and then flirty boy came over and dimmed the lights and asked me if I liked the lights on or the lights off and if I like to see it or not. I rolled my eyes a bunch and chuckled and walked away. When I was printing something, flirty boy poured the disinfectant water all over my shoes. He later asked for my snapchat. Do you think he likes me? or by calling me "hombra" do you think I am friend zoned?


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  • I think he really likes who your are haha, its hard to say if he does like you more than as a friend just based on this info. sounds like a great guy tho, I've know people like that, and they have turned out to be tw best if friends... and nothing more, for now. Find out some more things about him tho! Especially if he has a girlfriend! when i call people homie or buddy, it usually is my way of not necessarily frienzoning permanently... but my way of trying to let them know that at the moment i am only looking for a good friendship. but its differnet for every guy!


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  • I think he may have a small crush on you.


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  • This is fucking similar to how I acted with my crush (coworkers at a grocery store).
    So from that, I'd say he probably likes you.
    He might just think the hombra thing is cute, like how I have called my crush "bro" or "dude" before.


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