Guys, what is the most effective way to start a conversation about a relationship?

I am dating a guy and, while I don't want to scare him away by mentioning relationships, I want to let him know that it is my intention to date with a goal in mind. I also want to know his intentions. How do I start the conversation without scaring him off?


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  • I would prefer the woman to direct and honest with me. I want a relationship; so I am not interested in being casual with someone, it's either 100% commitment or nothing for me, I don't do half measures when it comes to alcohol, never mind relationships with women.

    The chances are I'd let the woman know exactly what I want right off the bat. No bullshit, just 100% honesty.

    • Ok, that's a great point. I, too, prefer honesty and am open to exploring various possibilities, but I am afraid of how the man will respond. This one I'm dating is super open and I think he would respond well, but I'm still very nervous it will spook him before the relationship even starts. What would be a good example of starting that conversation?

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    • You're the best!! Thanks for everything!

    • You're most welcome. :)

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  • "Hey, /insert his name, I need to talk to you about something. I was wondering... do you think our situation will lead anywhere? What are your expectations?"


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  • Actions speak louder than words. If you like him and want it to become a relationship, just give it some time and start watching what he does.

    If you talk to him, chances are he's going to either feel a little pressured and bail or just say whatever you want to hear just to keep things going.

    It's fine if you mention that you want a relationship and what your intentions are, but guys don't usually like that type of conversation. So I'd avoid it. At least in the beginning. ;)

  • Just ask him if he sees the dating leading anywhere

    • That won't spook him? Should I just come out and say, "Hey, babe... do you see this going anywhere?"

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    • You're the best!!

    • Who me !!🙃

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