Why did he do that?

Why did he do that? I had a crush on this boy for a long time and I think that he liked me too but it doesn't matter anymore. We've never dated but everyone could see that there was chemistry between us. He still always stares at me whenever he sees me even though we are just strangers now with beautiful memories. Anyhow, last night I went out for a walk with my 3 girlfriends and he and his friend were walking in front of us. We were really close to them. All of a sudden, my crush pointed at the other side of the boulevard and told to his friend:let's go there. They crossed the road and headed again in the direction from where they had returned like 5 min before. I know that it doesn't sound like a big deal and that I'm probably exaggerating, but why would he do that? Does my presence bother him so much or what? My girlfriends and I weren't even annoying, we were talking normally so I want to hear your opinion on this. P. S. sorry for my English and thank you in advance.:)


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  • Maybe he had ants in his pants


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  • he might have just wanted some alone time to talk w his friends. I'm sure he meant nothing by it and probably didn't even notice what he was conveying

  • I think you might have left out some details. has he ever made a mive on you? Or you in him. How close were you guys as friends, how often did you talk. Your English is perf by the way, no need to apologize

    • Thank you :) Well, he used to stare at me intensely all the time, he was always trying to make some physical contact, he would always sit next to me even though there were free spots, he used to tease me a lot and make me laugh as well, he was always trying to be in my presence.. We also used to chat on fb, he would always initiate the coversation and make excuses just to hear from me.. once my friend Josh commented on my pic and he was like:Who the hell is Josh? But he also used to play 'hot and cold' games and when friend of mine told him to stop playing them, he didn't answer anything and I haven't heard from him ever since them. Now he just says hi when he sees me and stares a looot. So what do you think why he all of a sudden crossed the street? Do you think it had something to do with me? Thank you very much. :)

    • Sorry it took so long to reply, it seems like he like you, maybe he's to shy or sacred to adk you out. He might have just gotten nervous to be close to you that day of crossing the street or it nay have nothing to do with you, i honestly think you should say something to him or text him , like how he's doing since all you guys say is hi and if you get in a deeper convo tell him you like him, if you do maybe he'll confess his feelings