After the Christmas holiday I started talking with a guy who was only into physical relationships so we were just friends. But things started to get flirtatious before Easter, we were hanging out often and talking everyday. He even confessed his feelings to me.

After the Easter holiday he got jealous over a guy friend of mine. We had a mild argument then we met to discuss things. He said he has unstable feelings and he still does not want a relationship as he had a 2 year relationship 6 months before me. But he kissed me afterwards saying he shouldn't have. We stayed friends yet again. We saw each other on a night out afterwards and he told me that he made out with a girl which started a fight. During that, he said he only cares about me and not her and he missed me. But he also said that he has had unstable feelings yes but he didn't like me anymore. We stayed friends for probably the 1000th time. We continued the occasional talks and hangouts (during some he was being very close to me) but we were never like before. I went on a date with another guy but I realised I had no interest in anyone else. Although I still had feelings for him (which was probably very obvious to him) I tried to keep the friendship before anything else and he was acting very careful around me as well.

He started distancing himself even more in time and even though we left on a good note we stopped talking as he didn't reply to my message. Because I am in my home country atm I dont have the chance to see him til summer ends. He messaged me asking whether I was safe and okay on Facebook when some terrorist attacks happened here, and that conversation was extremely short. After that, I messaged him a couple of days ago to say congratulations as his mom got married. That conversation was extremely short as well. I still like him and I have two questions in my head. Although I can easily guess the first question's answer as "no":

1) Is he still interested?
2) How to rekindle his interest?


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  • I have to say, that regardless of whether he is interested- trying to think of getting into a relationship or anything more with a person like that is bound to end up with you crying and very very hurt, Been there before love


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  • You don't want him and are the dumbest woman on the planet if you do or even try. On/offs never work and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it


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  • I don't think he's interested anymore. You could invite him to hang out together, but at this point, I doubt he will agree to go out with you.