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This girl and I have an interesting history. She and her boyfriend broke up just before prom and she asked me to go with her. 2 nights before prom, she got back together with her boyfriend and so it put me in a awkward situation. Well I just went solo, best thing ever, and then her and him broke up a week later and haven't been together for 4 months now. Just recently she admitted she liked me, but when I asked what she would say if I asked her out she just said she needed time, so I just said Alright and didn't text her back after that. She asked if I was going to ask her out, and when I said I didn't know, she asked me why and I told her it was because I thought she was gonna say no. Well it's been a few days since I last texted her and now I'm wondering if I should ask her out and what the probability of her saying yes is. She's also going to college in a different state in a couple months.


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  • Remain friends here, dear. Nothing More in Store.
    I am seeing a Full Circle Problem Pattern of "On and Off" and she will Forever be coming your way on any Given Day When... She is Not Hot that day with him.
    Good luck and Glad the dance worked out for You... You Didn't Deserve to be Served like this by this Dish. xx


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  • You could ask her out... If she says yes then have a date and have fun. If she says no... Move on! Life is too short!!

  • The probability is high. If she likes you and she has had time, probably so. However, the college situation sounds messy. If you have a way of working out a long distance relationship, go for it. But know the risks, you both could get hurt, lots of temptation and not seeing each other can cause trouble. Others do really well though. The distance works great for the. I think that's a discussion for the two of you though.

  • I would say the main thing here is to forget about this girl. I'm not going to answer your main question because that shouldn't matter to you. This girl has a date set with you for the prom, but then cancels because she gets back together with her boyfriend? Nope, dude. We all deserve better than that.


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