Is it a good idea to ask a guy out through text?

The guy I like is giving me mixed signals. At first he took the initiative to text me and ask questions about me, which led me to believe that he liked me. However, he hasn't texted me back and is using other forms of social media in the meantime. I just want some closure on whether he is also interested or not. I want to let him know about my interest through text or perhaps ask him out. Any tips on how I should do it? Is asking a guy out not a good idea?


What Guys Said 1

  • It wouldn't bother me if a girl asked me out. If I liked her, I would accept.

    However, I would not like it to be by text or phone. It's the insecure way of doing it. Just ask face to face. You'll be more likely to win him over if you do.

    • I barely see him in person. Is it a good idea to say "can I ask you something?" And go on from there?

    • Just ask something innocent, like , "Could we meet for a coffee sometime"? See what happens.

What Girls Said 1

  • It's not a bad idea. Ask him to hang out together.