Got Over Crush/Infatuation... Nothing to think about? Mind is blank?

I really was obsessed, infatuated, crushing hard on a girl... I loved her...

I have been pinning after a year, but she doesn't want to date... broke my heart.. spent another year getting over her...

I am almost at the home stretch now and I realize I have nothing else to think about, for 2 years my mind has been consumed by this girl...

I don't remember my brain before I met her... I don't remember what/how I used to think...

Now my mind is just like... What now? I am so used to overthinking about this girl... I am scared I will start overthinking again, and the cycle will repeat...

Anyone else go through this? Know what to do? I really want to be over her...



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  • Yes it's classic and will likely prop up occasionally at the randomist times. Try to do things you enjoy or hang out with people you like to distract your mind. Can offer some entertaining books tv shows hobbies brain tuning your choice if you wish.

    • Books are a good idea!

      I am all caught up on my TV Shows, Suits, Blacklist... :( What shows and books do you recommend?

      I am not that good a reader, I like fiction, teenage stuff, love, mystery...

    • Have you tried white collar? Or sherlock? Merlin? as far as books. I read a lot of fantasy. Dragon riders of pern were great. Or Michael chrichton writes some awesome sci fi books. Elizabeth moon both fantasy and sci fi


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  • It happens. You'll be doing something and then you think of that person. Aside from fucking other people I took up a hobby that would force my brain to be completely focused and think of nothing else. It helped block out thoughts. It's a hobby that revolves around a lot of studying and memorization. I did it every night for a few hours at a time just to be productive and keep my mind on something that wasn't my crush. It's really hard being absolutely in love with someone and not getting it back. Having so much to give and you're forced to swallow it back inside and it just drowns you internally.

    It took a few months but I'm much better now. I only think about him when I see his car or a car that looks like his. It's annoying but it beats thinking about him 24/7 and feeling sorry for myself. My love for him is not gone but rather I put it on a high shelf. Out of sight out of mind.


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