Girls, What is more important to you when your going on a date with someone new?

Before anything this question is more focused at GAG members from North America/Canada since I'm from Canada I would like opinion of folks from around my block :D, but if you're from Europe or elsewhere please feel free to share your input as well. Also I ask that you be honest, you can use Anon function to hide who you are but I would like raw reality, not sugar coated crap. Now, let us begin.

I never was a fancy guy, just a basic human being. As some may say dull and boring since I don't live an exciting life filled with clubbing, drinking or drugs which I manage to avoid except the drinking part, I like to have few beers ones in a while but nothing more. For most part I'm your average guy, but if you ever showed me to your parents they would probably approve. I'm a closet nerd and absolutely love being that way, I enjoy learning new things and if a subject sparks interest or I don't know something I read into it. I'm not good with people just because I'm bit introverted and would require someone to understand me instead of basing their assumptions on the slightly cold attitude.

Now what surprised me is girls. There been few girls I talked to "online" and when I went to pick them up for a date they seemed to have been bit disappointed you see. Not in me, but in my car. I always found such reasons rather childish but I guess for girls this plays a role since they would like someone with a nice car to show off to there girlfriends/friends/other. See this conflicts with the above statement that I made as I'm "simple and average guy". To me a car is a car, now what car do I drive that people become disappointed so fast you ask? Well it's a 09 Smart Car, yeah that ugly clown car or that gay car or that death wish car as some may call it. But frankly I don't care as I know down the road I will be upgrading to a bigger car, but at the moment I'm good with what I have.

So would I be a disappointed if you were to go on a date with me, given above info?


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  • I think your choice in girls might have been bad because I don't really think a car makes that much of a big difference.. I mean you must've expressed your personality genuinely and from that the girls should've been able to figure out that you aren't materialistically centred. But we girls always judge a book by its cover so if I hadn't known in depth info about you, I'd be disappointed to see the car too.. So maybe you should hint from start that maybe your car isn't the best as it should be or that you are a simple man.

    • Hmm. You know sometimes I sit and wonder maybe it's because I'm "simple" or "average run down the mill guy" that I seem to do so poorly with girls. From my understanding simple = boring and I don't live a very exiting life filled with clubbing, partying and alcohol filled stupidity that people my age tend to do. My excitement is to go grab a coffee and just drive for hours on truth forested areas, some nice twisties and just enjoy myself. And to girls simple is well as I said boring. No girl my age would want to date a simple guy, since come on what's the thrill?

      Don't get me wrong I still gonna try bungee jumping or sky diving since that's my kind of excitement in life, or have some fun on the twisties with my car/motorcycle. But most people tend to get stuck as "simple" and "eh... He has a shitty car" part. But at times I see guys on rusted cars that are literally falling apart and they still find the "one" who doesn't care about the car.

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    • Oh okay, we used to have GST and HST and then they just merged it into a single tax HST with Ontario having 13%. Yep, we have similar thing for wages, more you earn more you get taxed. Well here I learned few new things, big thanks for that insight :)


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  • Oh no, I was about to say it doesn't really matter, it could be a 1999 Toyota Corolla for all I care, but then you said it's a Smart Car...

    Not going to lie, I really dislike that car and would be a little disappointed in your taste, but if I like you it wouldn't be a problem in terms of whether or not I'd date you. Just, I might insist on us taking my car more, lol.

    If I can make a suggestion, maybe instead of picking girls up at their house, invite them to meet you at wherever you're having the date. I think for a first date most girls prefer that anyway, especially when it's with someone they met online, but it also allows you to take away the distraction of the car, and have them get to know you first instead. The focus should be on you after all - not the car you drive.

    • Haha. Yeah there we go. I don't quite understand that odd hate for smart cars, I enjoy it and I can take corners doing nifty double digits like a full on retard. Moving on, most of the time I go onto a date in my own car and the girl gets to the date however she wants. It was only 1s that I picked up a girl in my car and we went to a park.

      Also I don't recall if I really mentioned it but I plan to upgrade down the road to somethings like 16-17 Ford Fusion Sport or Edge Sport both cars I really like and test driven, but I picked up Smart Car for dirt cheap in rather good condition so it was all fine for me.

    • Should also have mentioned I also got an 02 Suzuki SV650S and my smart car isn't quite stock 😂 x2 stock size front tires and x3 the size rear tires + aftermarket exhaust making this thing sound like a pickup at idle and like a pickup when driving.

    • I can understand that. See, I'd drive up in the 02 Suzuki SV650S though haha. If you're just meeting her there. Guys and motorcycles - now that's a good combo. Well, maybe not to every girl lol, but to me, yes.

  • No, not a disappointment. It's just a car, those girls aren't right for you, clearly. A car doesn't represent anything to me on a date, other than a mode of transport for convenience, I'd be more disappointed if you and didn't have chemistry!

    • Awesome view. I'm the type to ride something till it dies, in case of Smart Car it's getting there 😂 And it's not like I'm gonna run to MB dealer and buy a new Smart, gonna buy a Ford or something this time

  • Do you like oral sex? If you like oral sex and have a great time I don't care what car you drive

    • Do I like oral? Yep, who doesn't? Well my car is more like Winter/Rain/Crappy Weather and sometimes transporting crap type of a thing. I got a motorcycle that I ride for most of year where the weather permits me to do so. Last year we had warm winter in Canada 16-19C on Dec 25/26 so I got to ride :)

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    • Haha, well thank you this has brought some sunshine into my shitty day. I think we have wars because of 1) Religion and 2) Lack of Sex :P

    • In all seriousness I think you're correct. Religion tells horny guys not to have sex. So they are guaranteed 70 virgins if they blow themselves up. Only an idiot would want 70 virgins. Lack of sex causes increased aggression. This is really true testosterone actually is a calming hormone and after the surge of dopamine with orgasm testosterone takes over and calms the guy. If I could give a blow job to everybody, every guy with the result being world peace, I would do it. I would really be considered a slut but I would receive the Nobel Peace Prize