How can I casually ask him if he wants to be my boyfriend through text? (long distance)?

he's a punkish dude , smokes a lot of cigarettes, depressed as hell. he needs someone and I wanna be that someone and I know for a fact he has a crush on me but doesn't have the balls to ask me out. he's told me before he's hitting on me and got mad when I asked for his friends number. how do I ask him out?


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  • Ask him!.. Not in a text or a phone call! In person! Face to face! I know your young but this would mean a lot more to me if I were him. I'm sure you would feel the same. Be bold. Hope you get what your looking for.


What Girls Said 2

  • Just ask him? If he's interested, he's interested.

    Butttttttt, a word of advice. You say he "needs someone" and that he's super depressed.
    That sounds like he'll be emotionally clingy and you're volunteering to be his soul source of happiness.

    Dont put that pressure on yourself.

    Be with him, sure. But dont think its your job to be his entire emotional support.

    And, I dont know for sure that's the situation, just how it sounds.
    But, a relationship is a balance. Not you getting emotionally sucked dry.

    • true true true true. but how do I word it? like causually into a conversation?

  • "Wanna go out soon?"