Guys, Are alternative girls unattractive? Or just difficult to approach?

I'll quickly describe myself:
Long teal hair, I have a few piercings, stretched ears (0g), I dress in black skinny jeans, band tees, t-shirts, vans, and so on. I listen to Rock and Alternative Rock, and I play bass in a band with my best friends (all dudes). I'm quite smart, nice, most of my friends are guys, as I grew up with brothers and just have the same interests and humor as my guy friends.
Now my question:
I'm 16, going on 17 in a month, and I've never had a boyfriend. Do many guys just not find alternative girls attractive? (Which is what I thought) Or are these types of girls just more difficult to approach? My friend brought this up to me the other day and said that romantically he would probably avoid me because he would find me 'intimidating', but he never elaborated, so I'm left confused.


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  • Well first of all, you definitely can be beautiful while being what you described, I mean just go look at Nanna Hilmarsdóttir, she kinda is like your description and she's gorgeous.

    That being said, the look you're giving off is definitely going to limit the number of guys who would consider you their 'type'. I personally wouldn't go for a girl you described- that look definitely is sending a message that you're tough, and not to be messed with- and I would probably associate it with drugs/alcohol abuse.

    But just keep in mind that you have to stay true to yourself- and the right guy will come around one day :)

  • You were probably a very beautiful lady. Then you spoil your looks by having piercings and messing up your ears. Most guys want girls, not metal and distorted body parts.

    Me? I'm confident enough not to find you intimidating. It's just that I would never date you. Sorry, I prefer a natural lady.

  • I like alternative rock but not the way you look (how I imagine). But that's just me.