Does he like me as more than a friend? Or is he just being a good person?

So about a month and a half ago I found this guy I went to high school with my freshman year on Instagram. We hadn't talked or let alone see each other in over 3 years because I'd moved to NJ but now I'm back in FL living like an hour away from him. I posted a video of myself from high school and he commented on it and then sent me a message on Instagram. We talked on there for a bit and then exchanged numbers. Since that day we've texted each other everyday literally. We talk about anything and everything although sometimes I feel i share more which is fine. He recently told me last week that he'd had a crush on me back when we went to school together, but didn't say anything about now. He's always so kind and sweet. He wants me to go to church with him and he said he'd even drive all the way to my house to pick me up. Sometimes I feel like he likes me but other times he can be kinda distant. Yesterday I told him that I do kinda like him and he said he had an idea but was glad I pointed that out and then we talked about something else, and he hasn't mentioned it again and neither have I. He's always being supportive and always listens to me. I'm not sure if our conversations are just friendly or if it might lead to something more. Also I'm really nervous because he's like a really good and innocent guy.

So right before we texted goodnight he sent me a text saying that I've changed him in ways no one has and that he's really happy you've been talking. Then he said "goodnight you"


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  • I don't think he likes you, not 100% sure about that but what I am sure he is being nice and supportive so he is being a good person no doubt.


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  • I think he likes you more than a friend. I doubt he has gotten over his crush about you.