A guy friend wants to fly to see me?

I know this guy from a website that kinda similar with facebook, but different and it's not a dating site. He is nice and sweet. We talk almost everyday via whatsapp and Skype. But we aren't dating. I don't expect so much from this friendship until he told me that he wants to meet me and want me to show around the city. I know he loves traveling so much and have been to many places. But the thing is I really like him and it makes me so nervous. He lives in UK and I'm in Indonesia. Do you think he wants to fly here because of me or because his hobby? Do you think he will leave me if I'm not as good as I look on skype? Is this sounds weird? :(


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  • Kalau kamu suka dia, sure!

    Ia mau pergi ke Indonesia karena ia mau bertemu kamu. Tidak kuatir tentag bagaimana kamu look. You'll be fine. :)

    • Wow you can speak bahasa Indonesia? 😊 Thank you sir by the way.

    • Ya, saya bicera bahasa Indonesia sedikit sedikit. Saya sudah pergi ke Indonesia berkali-kali.

    • Bagus 👍

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  • I think he wants to see you but there is an added attraction because Indonesia is a cool place to visit. However he says that he wants to see YOU, so I believe you can safely assume that the primary reason for his visit is to meet you. I don't think he will leave you, Skype is relatively real.. it's not like you just have been exchanging pictures. Also you said you guys are not dating, so he can't really leave you in any sense of the word. Don't be nervous :) if he does actually come, just show him around and introduce him to your country. Have fun.


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  • I think your thinking things you like him and i think he may like you just be you and dont think to much into it.

  • Eeeewwww why would he bother paying to go to Indonesia? LOL. It's terrible there.


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  • I think he just wants to see you.

    • Do you think so? Thank you :)

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    • You're right. Thank you 🙂

    • Good luck. Have fun! Try not to be too crushed, whatever happens.