Should I talk to my best bud's ex-friends with benefits?

So my best bud messed around with this cute senior girl at our school this summer, but when he completely ghosted her until he eventually just said he doesn't want to fool around with her anymore she took it hard (she said, "Don't ever talk to me again."). But I find her really cute, and she likes any kinda football player no matter what size (I'm large). The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that she's (just being honest here) pretty easy, probably means we'll go past second base pretty damn fast and I'm not sure I want my bud's sloppy seconds (no offense to the ladies)


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  • Then don't go for her


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  • You seem like a smart kid. My advice to you is find a girl that you actually respect and enjoy spending time with her. That being said, you're young, so if you want a little fun with this girl, go have at it if she's willing to go for it too.