Why is girl awkward after learning that I like her?

I fell in love with a girl... I thought she really liked me back, but I guess she was being friendly...

So one day, I couldn't take it anymore and confessed my feelings... She said that she had no clue that I felt this way, and wouldn't mislead me or anything...

It's been a few months, we have tried talking and stuff... but she just feels so awkward now...

Why does she feel awkward?

I pulled back too, because it was hard for me to stay friends with her as well... But I did at least want to make an effort...

She is not going to tell me her feelings, or anything... Doesn't seem like it...

So do I just walk away now?


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  • Yes, it sounds like you should walk away. She doesn't feel comfortable as she knows how you feel about her and she probably doesn't want to send you the wrong signal as she may not be interested. If she valued your friendship, she would reach out when she's comfortable.

    • But why doesn't she feel comfortable, it's not a big deal?

    • For some, they can't be themselves after learning that a person likes them because they are aware of it already. So then they are more cautious. Wondering if this move will affect or give him/ her the wrong impression. So they just avoid the person or so.

      For others, it does not affect them/ Just varies from people to people.

      Cheers for the MHO.

    • Okay I understand, and you are welcome.

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  • Man, of course it's going to be awkward. It always is, but you just have to be blunt about it. "Hey, I've noticed things have been awkward between us. Can we talk about it or just get red of tension?" It should get better after that. Trust me.

    • Exactly what I was thinking... I was about to talk to her, but I felt anxiety... I just told her oh never mind...

      Making things more awkward now :(

    • Dude, you have to be straight forward. Don't beat around the bush. Get to it!

    • I'm still here lol...

      I'm wondering what if she says no?

      Then what? I want to tell her I'm sorry, and everything happened because I liked her


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  • What makes you think that she has feelings for you?

    Her attitude mostly make me think that she doesn't. She's probably taking some distance because she doesn't return your feelings and doesn't want to lead you on by staying friend with you.

  • She's feeling awkward because she doesn't know how to handle the situation... Don't think she likes you back sorry

  • Dont. Some take longer to do so than others. .. Im so bad about that.

  • What kind of signs did she show? What made you think that she was into you?


What Guys Said 3

  • She doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, she knows you want to be in a relationship with her... Therefore it's not possible to be friends unless you tell her that you don't like her in that way anymore and only want to be friends. Until she believes that you only want to be friends with her and nothing else it's going to be awkward for her.

  • This sounds like poetry?

  • Yeah block her, don't keep hurting yourself dude