A college freshman with a high school junior?

So i've been texting this guy since the beginning of summer, and he just graduated from my high school and going to an university 40 minutes away, but still live with his parents which is like 15 minutes away from me. He is 18 and im 16... Anyways, as he starts doing his basics, ill be doing my basics while in high school thanks to some college program, at the local community college which is just 20 minutes from his university. Meaning that we would be graduating college at the same time if i transfer to a 4 year university when im done with my basics. He used to love to party but he stopped when he started his senior year, and he never drinks. I dont think he seems to mind but i still dont know if its correct or not...


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  • Thats a no no no


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  • No that won't work. Most of the time it doesn't. Don't put much effort into it tbh. Speaking from experience and what I've observed