Why are they doing this?

There was a girl that I liked. She would sit with me in class, we would talk, and laugh. She would point me out to her sister and friends. Her sister would act really happy to see me, and act as though she was trying to hold in a smile and look around as though she was nervous when she saw me. Lots of the students in the class encouraged me to ask her out. The people that sat with us especially. But before I could she dropped the class, due to stresses in her life that she wouldn't clarify. I asked her out, and she said okay. Then texted me to leave her alone. So I did.

I keep seeing her friends, and two days ago at a concert her best friend pointed me out to all the people she was with, and said things to them. Later when I was walking to my vehicle i saw her point me out to her boyfriend, and they both just stared at me. Why are her friends continuously pointing me out?


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  • I don't think that particular girl is interested in you.


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  • I don't know. Just ignore her and move on. Probably trolling