I want to move, but I don't want to leave my boyfriend. Any suggestions?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for one year and have been attending the same university in our home town.

we live in the valley, it's very small, boring, nothing to do, and I started dreading it.

My eldest sister moved out to a nice city, 4 hours away, it's beautiful, lots to do, have a great university, and I want to go.

I have a great relationship with my boyfriend and his family. We are both very family oriented, and I'm scared of what will happen. I don't know if it will be worth it.


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  • This would basically mean you'd have to go into an LDR (long distance relationship) with him. This would mean communication would become based off thing like phone calls, texting, and Skype.

    Is it doable? Well, there are a few factors.

    1.) Some people just aren't willing to do LDR at all or even consider them. It's a deal breaker for some. That being said, I tend to suggest pursuing education over a boyfriend/girlfriend. I only suggest staying for the relationship if you are almost certain that this is "the one."

    2.) You both need to be able to put into the committment. Not only are there some more temptations (since you are lacking the physical presence), but one has to be more active in their rolls I'd say. That means responding to texts/phone calls/skype. It may even mean setting up a specific time each day to talk.

    3.) LDRs are not meant to be permanent, which means one of you should probably make occasional trips down to visit the other for a week, weekend, day, or whatever every once in awhile. Logistics of that should be thought of. Likewise, long term you should probably also consider where this relationship can go... Like where can you see it going? Do you both planning on getting married or move in together one day after school?

    So they are doable-- they just aren't easy. It is all a matter of how he feels about LDRs and how far you want to see this relationship through.

    • this is honestly great advice, i guess we both need to talk it out and see where it is going, not only now but in the future.

    • Yep, a talk is definitely a good start regardless. Many LDRs break down after one party hits a breaking point and needs the physical aspect. If both members are on board and have a "goal" in mind (like LDR until after college or summer break or whatever), I feel like it'll go smoother on the whole.


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  • If you love something, set it free


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  • haha I thought you were saying I don't want move from my bed! I hear you sister.

  • If it's meant to work it will :) shouldn't give up on something you want as your scared of the risk as you'll only regret it later on