Girls, Have you ever dated a guy that come fast?

Have you ever slept a guy that comes quickly? If yes, what happened?
If no, what would you do with him if you had sex with a guy that comes so quickly? Would laugh at him or with him to make it easy or would ask to find a solution?


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  • Well I have never had sex before so maybe I'm not the one to answer--But I would only be having sex with him if I'm in love with him, in which case I wouldn't care because I wouldn't be doing it just to get off I would be doing it with the thought of connecting with him on a very intimate level. Like right now I'm head over heels for a guy and I know for a fact that if we did it together and he came really fast I wouldn't care at all, in fact I would take it that he's just that attracted to me and thinks i'm beautiful. After a while a couple finds ways around it, whether that's pleasing the girl in other ways or he gets used to it. The key part is love and patience in my opinion... Now if you are just hooking up that is completely different because both people are only looking for pleasure on a shallow level, so she will be disappointing.

  • How fast are we talking about?

    • 2-4 minutes

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    • Like how long?

    • At least 15 min

  • Its be very immature to laugh. I'd never do that

    I'd feel flattered because if he Cum quickly it'd shows he's very turned on. I'd work with him to find a solution so we can enjoy sex for longer

    • But do some girls laugh?