Is this as shady as it seems?

My boyfriend (together about 4 mths) recently started working away 3-4 weeks ago (away 4, home 3). He has not even once answered a call from me while he is away. Always different excuses. Now its getting really shady. Last night he completely ignored not only my call, but also my text messages. He text me at 4am with: "Im really sorry I ignored you, Im just really missing you, love you so much hope you're sleeping well <3". Now, call me simple if you like, but usually when you miss a person, you dont ignore them, right? Whats really going on here?


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  • Depends, everyone has different mindsets and he could be going through a lot of shit, when I'm stressed out I tend to block a lot of people out that I shouldn't, and sometimes I look at a message and think I reply so specifically but I never did, or just failed to hit send. Talk to him about what you're feeling and see what happens, don't be afraid to show your emotions with him. You could also try to show him affection and get closer to him and ask what's going on with him and why he's acting differently lately.


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  • Yes, it actually sounds quite shady to me. Sorry.