Why won't my friend with benifits leave me alone?

We hooked up for a year but it never went anywhere now he won't leave me alone he calls all day about everyday why won't he take no for an awnser?


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  • I don't do the friends with benefits thing, as I feel that in most instances one person will always have more feelings involved than the other person. It can get very messy.

    Based on the limited information available, I would say he loves you and will not back down until you either realise you love him too, or completely cut all ties with him.

    It is quite clear that to him the relationship was not "going nowhere" and he was very much emotionally involved with you.

    I also feel, could be wrong, that there is a huge lack of communication in this. Did you guys sit down and actually talk about how it was going nowhere, and you didn't want to do it anymore? If not, this was probably something you should have done, so that he knows where he stands.

    If you really do not want him in your life (and please bare in mind that if he loves you, then "being friends" is not an option), your best bet is to tell him straight that you have no feelings for him and you are moving on and that you are going to block him. Then as the sensible responder below says: block him everywhere. Why keep him about if you are not interested in him?

    Although as i say, I have guessed this from what information is provided, it could be way off.

    Good Luck!


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  • Just block him


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  • To me it looks like he has a very strong lust for you.

  • You must have a magically delicious vagina. He's tweaking for it like a crack head.


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