I don't think my coworker crush realizes why I'm mad at him, should I tell him? Is it even worth it?

Everyone at work knows he likes me and I just realized I have some feelings for him too.

A few nights ago, on my birthday, we closed together, and I asked all my coworkers to text me when they got home (as always), but he told me to text him first, because I live closer. So what happened was, on our home, there was a weird accident that will probably traumatize me forever, and I didn't text him because I was at the police station. All my coworkers texted me, except for him. By the time I texted him it was about 3AM and I hoped he was asleep, but I was extra worried. I eventually fell asleep, and saw him the next day, pretty upset because he of all people knows how worried I get. I sort of just avoided him all day, not wanting to talk about the accident, but he kept pushing that it was my fault he didn't tell me he was home. And i just look at him and said "I was at the police station". He looked shocked, then sad-ish, and then he opened his mouth and said "No way, you're lying." This hurt a lot more than I though it would. And then he said it two more times. I'm more mad at the fact that he never asked if I was OK, which I'm not.

I tend to hold grudges so I want to walk to him about it, but we're not in a relationship. BUT I don't want to just be mad every time I see him. Please help, I'm going to see him tomorrow.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Don't get involved with co workers! Nothing good comes of this. Gossip starts and if things don't work out, then trash talk will go on.

  • Don't shit where you eat.

    • I guess I should've expected that.

    • It's sage advice.

What Girls Said 1

  • Wow, he didn't believe you. Honestly, why would you want to be with someone who may constantly accuse you of lying? Anyway, you can try to explain to him, but my advise would be not to bother.