Is he into me or does he see me as just a friend?

I have not dated in a very long time, and before that never really dated much. Here is the thing I found my old crush from high school - he didn't know I liked him, until I found him 15 years later on a dating website. I took a deep breath and decided to message him, he is one of those unforgettable types. He was a lot like me in school, he was not all that popular, very nerdy. So we exchanged a few messages, switched phone numbers, started texting. The texting turned into phone calls, now the texting has died down some. He has a very demanding job, there was one week he did not text me back for 4 days. At the end of the 4th day, he apologized profusely, through text for his absence. He then called me and like always our conversation lasted for about 2 hours and just opened up to me about everything that was bothering him. I listened intently to him vent.

That is a normal conversation for us, we talk about everything, he makes it a point to try to make me laugh, he will poke fun at me, but not in a bad way. He added me on FB the other day, and has asked me if I would like to go do something with him sometime. He has not dated either for a while, and had two rocky relationships back to back. I don't know if his nonchalant attitude stems from being cautious or if he sees me as a friend.


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  • Or just make a move if you care so much or stop asking these questions. Less interest means no more interest means yes.


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  • I think he shows signs of interest since he took the initiative to ask you to link up. And the fact that he apologized profusely for his absence means he cared.

    You should go meet up and it will be clearer once you have him in front of you- usually its easier to base things on body language.