Should I text his sister or it will be very embarrassing?

We've been dating for 2 months. He has a big problem; he just disappears for a good while when he has problems. He can be online and dont text me or call me. Now it has been 3.5weeks with no contact. I was mad so I sent a text breaking up with him; he's seen it few days ago i guess. He didn't reply or anything. Now he is not online at all and he closed his phone. I'm too worried about him, I though about texting his sister but i dont know her or she knows me; he told her about me but i was never directly introduced. I just want to ask if he is okay :( or I'll be rude!😥😥


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  • No, do it. Explain how he's been really quiet.

    • At first when i call he was "i'll call and tell you everything later" and he doesn't the weird thing is that before the day everything was fucked up we were together we went to the cinema and watched his fav team match everything was perfect then he became so quiet no texts no calls nothing

    • I meant that you should explain it all to his sister, but okay. Yeah, definitely tell her all.

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  • I think he has just accepted its over... move on and keep your pride xx