just to start this off i like girls so yeah. i have a friend that i have liked on and off for the last year. everytime i start to stop thinking about her she does something that puts me right back in the same place. it's like everytime i slightly get over it it comes right back. what is this supposed to mean and does this back and forth have a purpose to it? she was singing a song that said "girls love girls and boys" its called girls girls boys by panic by the disco ( it would help to look up the lyrics ). she said she loves the song and when i looked she was like its about being bisexual i was like i know. she said she was going to sing it at the high school dance most of the high school kids will be there. that song is basically like equivalent to saying hey I'm bi or I'm questioning my sexuality. its like even though she has a boyfriend that she's never done anything with she just keeps confusing me. i can never find anyone i truly like that could ever match up to her. does this mean anything? is this a sign to wait for her? should i move on? i have no idea what to do at this point help! thanks for all your help in advance!


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  • Nope sorry it sounds like she is just your freind. She has a boyfriend and don't wait for her keep looking. You will find the right man for you. It just might take a while to find him.


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  • Move on and check back when you're finished with school.


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