Guys, What does he mean when he says "take your time" after I said I might be in love with him?

Ok so I've been talking to a guy for a few months now, he's 34 & a father. Not sure if that matters but anyways he was super into message me all the time in the beginning & we still talk daily. He said one time, "big love" and another time, "love ya". Also I asked him if he really meant it that time & he said, "Of course!". I have yet to say it back, as I think its a bit early but also we haven't officially made us public yet. Later on, I told him, "I think I'm falling in love with you." His response: "Take your time babe"

Am I over thinking? Or could he be upset I haven't said it back? Should I just go ahead & tell him or wait & see where this goes? Thanks in advance!


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  • messaging/talking or actually met?

    Its good he said take time.. in other words, slow down and don't jump to conclusions:) Also, I don't count texting and even talking so much, you need to meet in person for anything real. Not that he or you is fake, its just that it creates a false sense of bonding. Don't trust it and back off your feeligns a bit... if that's possible.

    • Thanks so much! You always help, I appreciate it! I decided I wanted to get to know someone for a long time before actually dating in real life. Mainly because I'm recently single but also because the last 2 doozies were from hell & I didn't know them at all. Until the end that is, when their true crazy awful ways appeared. Its just so hard to get to know the real person. This guy and I have literally everything in common. That's never happened before, to either of us (or so he says) But yeah I just wanna take the time. (one time a little while back we were both super busy with work & didn't talk on time or we kept missing each other & he basically said/asked if I had lost interest. I of course said no & we talked it out. He said he was SURE this made him feel good & he was essentially happy about it. So unless he just really likes playing mind fuck with me, it sounds legit. I do wanna take some time though) Thanks so much for reading!

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    • You are right! And thank you, I hope so too cause we just click it seems :)

    • Yourr welcome!

  • He means he wants you to be sure, he wants you to know what you are doing. I think he means to say that you are going too fast, hence relax and take your time.

    • Ok that makes sense, thanks so much! I asked him how it made him feel & he said "good!" I asked "are you sure?" he said "I am SURE!" so I think thats a good sign then :)

  • It means you're moving too fast for him. Basically. There might be small details to what exactly it means to him, but that's the short of it.

    • Ok thank you! I was wondering this too but why did he say loves ya? I was confused

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    • You don't even have to label it... just make sure you're exclusive/monogamous. It sounds like you really like him so you owe it to yourself.

    • Thank you :) and I know I am, he says he isn't interested in no one else and that no one else is interested in him so I think (and hope) we are good in that dept