Girlfriend's dad won't let her come over and spend time at MY house and being really overprotective?

I'm not talking about spending the night or anything. I mean just coming OVER. About a month ago her dad found out that we had sex. Since then we haven't tried anything, and we've done everything they've asked and followed all their rules. She had to start therapy and everything and she's doing everything she's supposed to and he says he trusts us. Even before he found out we couldn't go to her room and someone had to be inside with us. She asked to come over today and told her "You'll be fine staying home". I'd like her to spend time with my family and get close to them. He has met my parents once after they found out we had sex. If she came over we would be supervised and everything. Today her dad also told her he wants us to go slower and that we can't even cuddle up on the couch, he told her "You all cuddling up on the couch won't happen next time he's over, If there is a next time". Yesterday I tried doing a favor for him as we took her little brother running and he ran off from us but we could still see him, today her little brother told her dad that we told him to run off and that he couldn't see us, so now her dad thinks we went and fooled around which is false. I get him being protective but I'm trying my best and listening to everything he's saying to gain his trust back but it seem like nothing is good enough. I'm tired of driving there all the time and being judged. Advice? What should I do?

P. S. Her parents are divorced and her mom is completely fine with her coming over and stuff but she is only there every other weekend.


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  • He's a dad trying to make sure his daughter doesn't end up pregnant. I kind of agree with the dad in this situation. If you've already had sex what's gonna stop you from doing it again? He's just doing what he thinks is best for his daughter. is he cockblocking you? Yes. Is he a bad guy for that? Not really. Just calm your dick, relax, be nice to her dad for a while, and prove that you actually care about her more than just her body.


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  • "her dad found out that we had sex"
    Actions have consequences, kiddo.

    Just wait until your his age.

    • I find the sending her to therapy for having sex part ridiculous to be honest.

      Honestly, if you guys have a daughter do you all really think she's going to be interest in waiting till marriage for 4-5 years (assuming she's 18-19 years old when she has her first bf)?
      If she does wait till marriage that would mean marriage will be earlier within 1-2 years.

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    • So back then, love was just about holding hands and kissing for years?
      I understand the "no sex in the house" part. That didn't stop me from lying to my father at that age about just going to the mall with a friend who was really my then boyfriend and after going to the mall, we had already set up to meet at a motel with a bottle of rum.
      My mother also didn't wait till marriage but yes she married my father afterwards and is still married to him but it's been a shitty marriage for years.

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  • He's really over-protective. Sent her to therapy for having sex? Yikes.

    Have you thought about getting your parents to invite her family over for dinner or something? I just remember with my little brother, his girlfriend's parents felt better about her going on a trip with us after they'd met and spent time with us.

    Maybe it could work for your situation too, in terms of her dad feeling more comfortable with her at your house if he's more familiar with your family, and you can get her over one time too. I'm sure her dad can't object if he's coming with lol.

    Apart from that, it's going to be hard as long as she's under his roof. It's good that at least every other weekend you guys have more freedom when she's at her mom's. If I were her, I'd try to spend as much time as possible outside of the house. A little bad of me, but maybe say I'm sleeping over at my best friend's house when I'm really chilling with you. But be really careful with that, because her dad doesn't seem like he's playing around.

  • My parents were very strict when I had my first boyfriend and once they found we had sex they became even more strict. When he did come over we had to stay only in the living/kitchen area or just an open are in general so they could keep an eye on things. I think they're just been protective that's all, give it time and they'll warm up. Also as much as I hate saying this but it is their house and their rules.
    I've now moved on from my ex and my new boyfriend it started the same when he came over but my parents relaxed a bit, I had also moved bedrooms downstairs (away from everyone else) and they allowed to him to stay over whenever even tho they probably knew what were getting up to hahaha

  • Yeah my dad is the same way. If you find a solution please help a sister out.

  • Yikes that is really overprotective. There could be several factors for his behaviors such as maybe you guys are really young or he really doesn't want you getting his daughter pregnant. I think the fact that he won't even let you guys cuddle is absurd. He's crazy. Maybe he thinks his daughter might leave him the way his wife did and is overprotective.

  • It could be worse. I love with my grandparents, aunt, mother and older brother and they all act like your girlfriend father but worse. My boyfriend laying on his stomach and was asleep on the couch. I was cross legged sitting on his butt eating chips and watching a movie. My brother calls me into the kitchen and starts telling at me saying how I'm being a fucking hoe and just went off. Mind you I just heard him having sex in OUR room with his girlfriend who is younger than me. Also I can't wear shorts around him or have any physical contact with him at all. Also my mom doesn't let me leave the house 👍 Welcome to the hell I call my life


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  • Fuck her in his bed. To show dominance.

  • Date her and fuck her in his house. While he is asleep. You'll get a kick. Trust me