How to attract younger girls?

I'm 16 and it seems like only younger girls like me. I don't look older, I look 16. I was wondering, how do I make younger girls like me when we talk? Not 12 year olds lol but 14/15 year olds. Is it true that girls that age like 16/17 year olds? Is it easier to get younger girls to like you?


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  • When I was in highschool I only dated the upperclassman! I don't know why but I did. A lot of my friends in highschool preferred to date an older guy who could've been slightly less unattractive than a super hot guy that was our same age or younger. Age gives you points so just start talking to them! They'll talk back I promise. Personality matters too!


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  • Yes 14/15 year olds like older guys. Go for it- just know people might not understand why u are attracted to that young of a girl- I've had guy friends discuss this and some of them thought it ok while others though it weird and creepy. So just be ready for judgement if you want to pursue this

  • 14/15 year old girls shouldn't be dating so keep your eye on other 16 year olds.

    • Sorry! Saying this is like King Canute telling the tide to go back! When I was 14/15 at school, about half my year groups were dating. Mostly one or two year groups ahead.

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    • I meant after the school day is finished, to clarify my point.

    • @dogbert444 Then they have homework and extraciricular activities to keep them occupied.

  • Yeah, girls like older usually so you can go for that if you want.

  • • Be funny
    • Be confident
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