Guys, If a guy doesn't text in 24 hours after a date, is he not interested?

The date went well, he was super nervous and shy though, and ended the date by pecking me on the lips. It's been a day and he hasn't texted, should I text him or just wait?


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  • May be he is of a shy type, or may be he is one of those guys who are not very good at texting, may be he is one of them who can't take initiative to text. It can be anything. Hence I think you should take the initiative to text him first and then see what happens.

  • Text. He sounds like he actually believes that bulldrek about waiting X number of days.

    • Yeah :-) I was gonna say that too

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    • Do you really think I should be taking this much initiative or if he really likes me he'll contact me himself?

    • I think if you like him, you shouldn't be afraid to let it be known. There are a whole host of reasons, actual legit reasons, that could be behind his silence. You'll never know if you don't ask.