Do I have to keep his hoodie?

Hey, this is a question as simple as the title.
I met this guy he was nice and he gave me his hoodie at the end of the night when I had to leave. Now I haven't heard from him even though he was saying he is gonna want to meet me again and that the hoodie is just a loan.
Now it has been already two weeks ago. . .

Should I throw the hoodie away? Give it to someone I know? Wash it and place it somewhere where it won't bother me? Or do you think I have to contact him and ask him to come and get it?
I have really no interest in trying to get his attention and I have moved on, but the hoodie is bothering me. I don't know where to put it.

It is actually not a big deal; but maybe you have solution for it anyways?

  • Throw it away!
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  • Give it away
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  • Wash it and place it somewhere where it won't bother you
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  • Text him to come and get it!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just send him a terse text that you're doing a clean out and would he like to collect his hoodie. Short and to the point, he won't get the wrong idea. If you throw it out, he could get pissy, because it is essentially his belonging. It's the courteous thing to do. If he doesn't get back to you, then you can make plans to consign it to the flames ;)

    • 👌 on point! 😂 I really don't know if he is gonna contact me after two weeks because he said that would be the next time he is in these hoods... but I thought he would somehow stay in touch in between our meetings. So yeah, I wanna put the hoodie on flames but do I have to ask him first? :( I really don't want to text him

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    • Option 2. Give it to charity. Option 3, put it in your loft and forget about it?

    • Maybe I can put it in my closet for a while. Guess there is no harm in it. But I will put it to charity after that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Text him to come and get it.
    I like the idea of washing it though, something I would do.

    • Haha 😄 yeah I wanna wash it. But I don't know about the texting... He should have texted already. Maybe I'll wait a week or two and then send him a text and ask if he forgot about his hoodie and I should dont it to charity or something.

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What Guys Said 3

  • do what u want

    • You don't think it would be harsh to just throw it away?

  • He said it's a loaner, just say "hey, come get your hoodie"

    • But I thought he would at least text me something! I already texted him after the date and he replied but then suddenly left me on read. It is bothering me. I don't know bur I feel like he should be more worried about his hoodie...

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    • Maybe yeah, but it has been over a week ago already!!

    • But he has his reasons to be distant I guess. I know his ex and I think that could be a reason. Their breakup wasn't the best. I am just a little angry he had to convince me on a date with him and then acts like the sweetest gentleman. Then just leaves me on read and I have to keep his hoodie if he ever changes his mind...
      I change my mind when I am being ignored. I lose my interest.

  • Text him to come and get it!


What Girls Said 2

  • It's his hoodie. If he really wants it, he's the one to contact you, not the other way around. Just keep it somewhere you can remember if he contacts you about it

    • Haha! So true... I am gonna put it in some hole where I put all crap I never need.

  • Text him and ask if he wants it back, if so to come and get it if not you have no use for it.

    • Yeah, it is sadly too big for me. (He is a tall guy and I am a small woman) 😂 but yeah, he should come and get it. I'll try to text him later.

    • We'll it's not just that, it's kinda weird keeping something from someone you're not actually seeing.

    • Yeah true. It was actually a joke. But that is why I wanna get rid of it.