Keep dreaming I'm gonna have a baby girl?

Well, since my boyfriend told me he'd like to have a baby girl with me, I've dreamt about having a baby girl 3 times!

Which isn't the norm for me might I add...

  • Maybe I future you'll have a girl.
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  • It means nothing!
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  • You're broody.
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  • Keep it in your memory banks and if you have a baby girl one day you'll know your body was trying to tell your something.
    If not you know never to eat that pizza again 😂


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  • It could just be your subconscious working things out.

    I've had dreams I had this adorable baby girl a few times. A few times I had this cute toddler son. I wasn't even dating someone, but for some reason I was holding and taking care of this little baby. It's odd, but I think it's nothing really.


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  • Have a boy that way you might be blessed and you might have one like me who was the governor of florida at some point!

  • It means nothing!


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